Social, Emotional, Mental Health & Well-Being

What do we offer all pupils at Crowdys Hill School?

(Extra support as advised by SENDCo/ Assistant SENDCo)

Modelling of appropriate responses daily, as needed.
Strategies from THRIVE used by staff to reduce anxieties in school.
Weekly access to targeted mental health practitioner.
All staff trained in using a THRIVE approach.
School counsellor to advise staff of strategies to use in class.
Weekly well-being lessons, incorporated into PSHE sessions.
PSHE and RSE classes weekly to consolidate and emphasise understanding of friendships and relationships.
Tutor time used to address social or relationship issues arising.
Adapted physical education sessions; and sport and leaisure sessions in Sixth Form.
In primary and some KS3 classes- weekly yoga sessions.
Attention Autism sessions.
Access to school counsellor as needed.
Use Zones of regulation.

(Extra support as advised by SENDCo/ Assistant SENDCo)
Weekly access to school mentor.
Daily access to mentor.
Weekly access to behaviour support sessions.
Daily access to behaviour support sessions.
Weekly support from our Behaviour Support Manager.
ELSA sessions.
1:1 support daily in all lessons.
1:1 support for: mornings; breaktimes; lunchtimes; after-school.
Escort between lessons.
Social session’s specific to pupil as needed.
Access to TaMHS as needed.
Emotional regulation sessions as needed.
Trained SEMH staff to work as needed with pupils.
Behaviour Support Manager to liaise and advise with.
Social, emotional aspects of learning support sessions, weekly.
Weekly social skills support sessions by specialist TA.
THRIVE intensive interventions if needed.


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

07955 772121