Physiotherapy & OT

Physiotherapy & OT

Here at Crowdys Hill School we can offer your child Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy sessions. 

We have a designated Physio room which is equipped with an overhead ceiling hoist, we also have a plinth in the room.

The room is situated in a quiet area of the school.

Staff are trained to transfer pupils from their wheelchairs onto the plinth or standing frame or walking frame.

Pupils have thier own slings that we use during transfers.

We use the plinth for various pupils to carry out their exercises which are essential to them.

During a Physio session in school, I would work on a programme that is specific to the needs of the pupil.

The pupil would have been assessed by the external Physio or OT and sometimes by them both.

They then decide if the pupil may need fine motor or gross motor skill activities, sometimes they may need a combination of both.

They would then write a programme out and I would deliver it during the school day.

Some pupils may use other equipment to aid standing such as standing frames and walking frames.

We are in regular contact with the external Physio and OT and if we have any concerns, we can contact them so we can rectify any issues.

Date this page was last modified: 10 August 2022


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

07955 772121