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Education SEN Outreach

The purpose of the Outreach Team is to support children/young people at the point of need through planning and delivering targeted outreach services.

The Outreach Team will provide a need led personalised programme of support that puts children’s needs at the centre of what we do to respond effectively. The Outreach Programme will take into consideration their assessed special educational needs, disabilities, previous experiences and the wider needs of the family/Carers.

The Outreach Team will assess and explore the child/young person’s individual profile of strengths and difficulties and develop partnerships with schools to inform the planning of outreach delivery.

If you have a pupil within your school who you feel needs outreach please feel free to contact Becky North at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss this further.

Date page last updated : 6 July 2022


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

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