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Speech Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapists help support children and young people with their speech, language and communication skills. 

A Speech and Language Therapist will help with a child or young persons: speech sound system, use of vocabulary, sentence structure, understanding of language, friendship skills and using communication aids.

We are really lucky that we have an established speech and language therapy department at Crowdys Hill School.  In our team, we have:

El Taylor, Lead Speech and Language Therapist

Flo Hanson, Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Moss, Speech and Language Therapy T.A.

The speech and language therapy team will assess and give advice about the communication skills of the children and young people at Crowdys Hill School. 

What happens when a child/young person joins Crowdys Hill School?

After consent from their parent/carer, every child and young person that starts at Crowdys Hill School will be screened to understand their speech, language and communication skills. Some children and young people will then require more detailed speech, language and communication assessment.

The Speech and Language Therapist will write an initial report to describe the child or young persons communication strengths and needs and will create speech and language targets.  These reports and targets will be shared with parents/carers, teachers, and other important people. 

If a child or young person has an EHCP, then these targets will be transferred to their EHCP paperwork at their annual review. 

How do we deliver speech and language therapy at Crowdys Hill School?

Most of our work is done indirectly so please do not be concerned if we do not see your child or young person directly. Targets are created for the child/young person and then these targets are supported in the classroom. Everyone including parents, teachers, teaching assistants and the speech and language therapy team is expected to work together to target these goals to support the child/young person. 

We regularly train staff on whole-school communication strategies and these are then incorporated into the classroom.  We offer a Total Communication environment at Crowdys Hill School. Some of the speech, language and communication strategies we use across the school are:

  • PECS®
  • Shape-coding™
  • Lego®- based therapy
  • Signalong©
  • Intensive Interaction®
  • Zones of Regulation™
  • Word Aware
  • Colourful semantics

This academic year, we are very excited to be working on becoming an ELKLAN communication friendly setting for special schools. 

Sometimes, we might see your child or young person for group or individual therapy.  These tend to be delivered in blocks of six and then reviewed termly.

What am I expected to do as a parent/carer?

We encourage you to engage in speech and language therapy at home.  We might send you some speech and language work to try at home or suggest some strategies to put in place in the home environment.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions on the number or email below.

Training Opportunities for parents/carers.

We regularly offer training opportunities for parents. Currently we offer:

  • Signalong sessions with our trained Signalong Trainer
  • Autism awareness sessions
  • Communication tips to use at home

Please contact us for more information.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can call us on 01793 332400 and ask for the Speech and Language Therapy Team.


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

07955 772121