Teaching & Learning

What do we offer all pupils at Crowdys Hill School?

(Extra support as advised by SENDCo/ Assistant SENDCo)

Teachers and TAs support are SEN trained staff for all lessons.
All staff trained in Autism Education Trust awareness courses, and higher level courses.
All staff trained in communication strategies.
All staff undertake phonics training.
Visual schedules used daily in lessons.
Weekly reading sessions.
Small class sizes, up to 8 in primary; average 10 in secondary; varies in Sixth Form, to minimize noise levels and reduce anxieties in the classroom.
Extra adults in all classes.
Small class sizes with SEN trained TAs to allow focused support as needed in lesson.
Highly differentiated curriculum to support the need for comfort breaks, and sensory breaks.
Highly adapted curriculum to maximise independence and accessibility in all lessons.
Weekly literacy support session focused on reading skills.
Dyslexia friendly work used in all academic lessons.
Numeracy support through use of specialist equipment in lessons.
Regular daily access to visual cues, prompts, chunking and repetition throughout lessons daily.
Curriculum adapted from national curriculum to allow independent access.
Weekly/daily access to alternative methods of recording, such as IT/whiteboards/ iPads/ iPods.

(Extra support as advised by SENDCo/ Assistant SENDCo)
A wide range of literacy interventions, timetabled into week.
Targeted literacy support for individuals as needed.
High level of adult ratios in class, 1:1.
High levels of adult support in class, 1:3.
Targeted literacy support sessions additional to the timetabled programme
Regular, daily access to AAC technology as needed, and supported by AAC specialist.
Equipment to allow all pupils access to all sessions.


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

07955 772121