Behaviour can have a negative impact on a class/group or individual. Here at CHS, instead of sanctions in the first instance, we try to find the cause of the displayed behaviour.

Often with some time out or use of a designated safe space a CYP is able to communicate an underlying issue. We can then discuss and develop strategies that may help in and around the classroom in the future.

With the excellent support network in school we are often able to liaise and work with other practitioners ie. ELSA, S&L and the school counsellor.

We do have a behaviour support area for any CYP unable to continue to work in the classroom for whatever reason, this is also for staff to place students if their behaviour has become unacceptable. This space allows for de-escalation and gives an opportunity to talk through any concerns or anxieties with our Behaviour Lead. The main aim is to get the CYP back into class so they can continue learning.

We have a zero tolerance policy to bullying, homophobic and racist incidents. The physical or verbal abuse of staff or student is also not accepted and clear sanctions are implemented.

In the event that a sanction is required, we try to ensure consistency and successfully use restorative justice to help resolve many situations.

Date this page was last modified: 14 February 2022


If you have any Safeguarding concerns/questions/queries our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be contacted on:

07955 772121