Attendance is monitored very carefully at the school. Every day missed is a learning opportunity wasted.  We aim for all pupils to have an attendance of 95% or higher.  If attendance is below 95% the attendance policy will be followed.  (Link for policy below).  We do understand, however, that there will be some instances when a pupil cannot attend school - such as those outlined below. When these occur, we ask that pupils and parents adhere to the appropriate procedures.

Sickness absence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When a pupil is absent from school with no advance notice, for example because of illness, parents must telephone the school that same morning and each subsequent morning, to inform us of the reason for absence.

In event of sickness and diarrhoea, our policy is 48 hours absence after the last occurrence of such symptoms. It is important that you keep your child away from school for this period to stop them passing on infections.  To report an absence, you can call the main school number or email your child’s tutor.

Please note that only emergency appointments for dentists, opticians, and doctors should be during school hours.  Routine appointments should be made out of school hours. When it is known in advance that an absence is to be requested for such emergency appointments, parents must inform reception or their child’s tutor with as much notice as possible.

Leave of absence requests
The Government states that a student may be taken out of the school during term time for exceptional circumstances only and never for more than five days.  If exceptional circumstances occur, parents must submit a written request to the headteacher for a leave of absence, giving as much notice as possible. Permission will be granted at the discression of the headteacher on a case by case basis.

Religious leave of absence
Students are entitled to a leave of absence of up to three days to observe important religious festivals.  Parents can request a religious leave of absence for their child by submitting a written request to the headteacher.

Policy Attendance

Date this page last modified: 30 November 2022


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